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CBDCs, regulation, and more

Web3 link roundup


I started writing a post back in May about the future of money on a flight to Austin, TX. Roughly 200 words in, I arrived at my destination and promptly forgot about my post. The days turned into weeks, the weeks into months, and now I don’t even remember what my point was at the time. I am, however, sure that it is no longer relevant.

There has been a lack of interesting goings-on in Canada related to Web3 policy over the last few months - at least in my view. Coupled with the deep lack of general interest in crypto as AI has come to the fore has really led to a complete lack of inspiration for me.

Instead of regaling you with some essay about Web3, now that we’re maybe on the other side of the deluge of negative Web3 headlines (3AC, Terra Luna, FTX, Binance, etc.) and with a spot ETF in the USA seemingly imminent, I wanted to share some links that may be of interest.